Fresh List for the week of Oct 12 to 18, 2014

Our new fresh list includes a few new items in our organic offerings. We will be at the Wendell Farmers Market this Saturday, October 18th, 2014 from 8:00 am to Noon.

New Offerings

Dill Microgreens  – $4.00/ounce

Green onions –  $1.00/bunch

Persimmons, Fuyu Jiro variety – $4.00/pound

Radish Sprouts – $3.00/ounce

The complete list

Product Unit Conv Organic
Chard, Swiss, Organic Bunch $4.00
Eggplant, Organic Pound $3.00
Eggs, Farm Fresh, Medium Dozen $3.00
Garlic, Music, Organic Ounce $1.00
Herbs, Peppermint, Organic Ounce $4.00
Herbs, Rosemary, Organic Ounce $4.00
Herbs, Sage, Organic Ounce $4.00
Herbs, Spearmint, Organic Ounce $4.00
Herbs, Thai Basil, Organic Ounce $4.00
Herbs, Thyme, Organic Ounce $4.00
Microgreens – Basil, Dill, Organic Ounce $4.00
Onions, Green, Organic Bunch $1.00
Peppers, Jalapeño, Organic Pound $3.00
Peppers, Martins Carrot Pound $3.00
Peppers, Poblano, Organic Pound $3.00
Peppers, Sweet, Green, Organic Each $3.00
Peppers, Sweet, Red, Organic Each $3.50
Persimmons, Fuyu Jiro variety Pound $4.00
Pumpkins, Heirloom, large Size $15.00
Pumpkins, Heirloom, medium Size $10.00
Pumpkins, Heirloom, small Size $5.00
Spice Blends – Finger Lickin’ Run, Cajun Spice Jar $4.00
Sprouts -Alfalfa, Broccoli, Radish, Organic Ounce $3.00
Tomatoes, Green Pound $3.00

Price List 10-12-18-2014 (PDF)